ARTvolution launch

As of April 15th, up to 10,000 unique units on the history of art will go on sale

The platform launch the first comic distributed and marketed by NFT.

The Majorcan artist platform makes its debut in the NFT sale with the sale of 10,000 units of the first comic that is generated and distributed through this technology.

Until now, NFTs had only been made of a single randomly generated drawing using an algorithm that mixes multiple layers to achieve a unique work.

This project tells a story divided into four vignettes.

Chemi Morales, TikTakToken’s Art Director explains: “The algorithm could generate more than three million variations of the story, but in order for each unit to be very different from the other, it will be limited to 10,000 units.”

F. Mairata, TicTakToken’s CEO, adds: “It is not about generating all possible ones, but about ensuring the value of the investment made by the buyer of each piece. All units that haven’t been sold by May 15th will be destroyed, thus ensuring the collector a revaluation of his investment.

These NFTs, born in Mallorca, illustrate the evolution of art through time synthesized in four great moments: prehistory, the renaissance, contemporary art and crypto art.

Cristina Torbellina, who is part of the platform and illustrator of the first comic distributed on it, explains that the main challenge has been to find the backbone of the story. However, she found the complexity in the design of the characters and elements: “once you find the story and the characters, the difficulty is transferred to the elements drawing, layers, backgrounds… they all have to be consistent and, therefore, example, not to overlap when the algorithm works on the variations”. But she also assures that it is challenging: “when you sit down and focus on developing the elements, you can allow yourself to unleash your creativity and put in funny, endearing, absurd details… without losing the coherence of the story.”

TikTakToken is an NFT launchpad.

The spirit of the platform is to put together investors in digital art with artists who want to develop their work within this new artistic framework. It is led by F. Mairata, digital artist and strategist in attracting artists and investors, and by Chemi Morales, Art Director of TikTakToken.

The NFT market has grown exponentially in the last year, fueled by the development of blockchain technology. This is responsible for both the generation of the unique comics through NFT and the cryptocurrencies with which they are traded.

This comic is a great investment opportunity for both NFT and Comic art collectors.

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