Oscar Eleanor

Óscar is born in Segovia (SPAIN) in 1976, self-taught draughtman and painter since many years. His interests are very wide, he conceives drawing and painting as a tool for discovering and finding oneself.

He appreciates above everything a creative process where improvisation is a key value, paintings should follow their own route and he demands from them surprise and mistery.

His style is figurative, he works on achieving a technique agile enough so that he can easily compose using different resources: painting gesture, drawing line, abstraction, geometry, signs or even realism, to get a kind of puzzle or collage where everything fit and each part talks to each other.

Althought most of his work is based on traditional techniques such us ink, charcoal or acrylics, during the last year he is engaged with new digital technologies for drawing and painting, such us iPad apps. He has realised they are extremly helpful along the creative process, and thus his last pieces are digital and available at NFT marketplace.



Oscar Eleanor