Tik Tok Token


Tik Tak Token aims to create a community of NFT collectors and investors to help push digital art to the level it deserves. To make it easier for our collectors to collect at a good price and, at the same time, help promote projects of high artistic interest but that may not fit in with current trends, we have created the NFT Golden Rocket.

The Golden Rocket gives collectors and investors great advantages over the general public and the sporadic investor. Beyond the artistic value of the NFT, we want to highlight the following advantages for the owner:

  • Discounts on collectibles between 25% and 50%.
  • Inclusion in all the White Lists launched by Tik Tak Token.
  • Possibility of buying before the general public and even before the White List of the particular project.
  • Exclusive projects for holders of the NFT.
  • Occasional airdrops.
  • Possibility of White List in projects external to TTT with which agreements are reached.
  • Exclusive communication channel on Discord with its own community.
  • Invitation to exclusive national and international events for collectors.

In addition to these, and probably other future advantages, we believe it is important to explain the NFT launch process.

Release date.

Maximum number of 1,000 units that will be put on sale in a staggered manner over the next 10 years as follows:

2022 – a maximum of 510

2023 – a maximum of 300

2024 – a maximum of 80

2025 – a maximum of 50

2026 – a maximum of 30

2027 – a maximum of 10

2028 – a maximum of 8

2029 – a maximum of 6

2030 – a maximum of 4

2031 – a maximum of 2

With this launch plan we intend to achieve two objectives:

  • Achieve an initial mass large enough to help boost the projects that we launch with considerable pre-sales that help in the subsequent launch.
  • Progressively increase the value of the NFT and, as a logical consequence, its price.

The sale of NFTs will not be constant throughout the year, but will pause and start depending on market conditions.

Launch price and its evolution.

Crypto and NFT market conditions are very volatile but, despite this, at Tik Tak Token we are committed to never lowering the NFT selling price.

In each relaunch (several a year) the price will be the same or higher than in the previous launch, never lower.

The initial launch price will be 0.20 ETH and will go up progressively over time as the project progresses. We want to reward the trust of the first collectors and investors with a truly unbeatable price that practically ensures them to make a profit from the beginning.

Diamond collectors.

Those holders of a TTG who follow the recommended sales strategy (for example, do not put their NFTs up for sale within 1 month of the release or at a price never less than 2 ETH) will be able to claim the Diamond Collector status that will add discounts and additional perks to your TTG at the release of the next collection. This condition will be lost the moment the recommended strategies are stopped.